Thursday 11 August 2011

Thugs 0 Fans 1

Well, well. What a surreal evening it has been.
I was still lamenting the calling off of the Swindon game on Saturday, when a tweet from Jon Palmer (Echo CTFC reporter) pops up saying the game is back on.
My initial reaction is 'What?' and the fact that Jon sent it meant it had to be true - and it is!
Police statement is here:
Whatever the whys and wherefores, I am glad that common sense has prevailed and well done to the club for persevering and for anything they did to cause the police's U-turn.
It will save the club from losing a decent crowd and a lot of money, and has also saved a lot of credibility for Glos Police - as ours was to have been the only game bar Tottenham's called off.
Now we need all CTFC fans who can get there to reward the club by going to WR on Saturday and getting behind the team.

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